Fans of the TV show Lost might finally be plunking down money to purchase the complete series on DVD. Not everyone will buy all the seasons at one time. They might purchase season one, watch it, and then buy season two a few months or even a year later. This can leave viewers a little confused if their memories become foggy. The best way to be sure you are able to follow the new reasons would be to review the old ones. No, this does not mean you have to go back and watch the previous season. There is a much easier strategy. All you need to do is read the episode recaps. Lost episode recaps from the very first one to the very last last one are available online. When you want to get a run down on what happened, all you have to do is read the recap.

Well written, detailed recaps can also be quite entertaining to read. Even if you already know every episode by heart, reading an engaging writer’s recap of the show along with personal anecdotes can be enjoyable. If the writing is sprinkled with interesting trivia and insights, even those that thought they knew everything about Lost may learn things they were unaware of.

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Undoubtedly one of the greatest shows in television history is the cult hit, Lost. Centered around a group of plane crash survivors stranded on a seemingly deserted island, the show immediately captured the eyes, minds and hearts of millions of viewers each week during its 6 season run.

While the show was extremely popular during its run, it also raised a ton of questions regarding some of the story lines. Why were The Others so hostile towards the survivors? What was the reasoning behind pushing the button every 108 minutes? What was the deal behind the (more…)

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The Lost series is a ground breaking television phenomenon, capturing adventure, deep human emotion and heart-racing situations while riding on a thrilling backdrop of intense mystery.

Lost is unique concerning the plot opportunity for audience participation through each edge-of-your-seat episode. As viewers experience the journey they are constantly attempting to unravel the underlying and intense multiple character plots. Just as you are sure you’ve figured out the theme, another mystery is presented causing the viewer many layers of addictive intrigue.

Viewer’s interest (more…)

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The TV show Lost had 23 million fans. It lasted six seasons. Here is a brief overview of the TV series.

The first season starts with a plane crashing on a tropical deserted island. The survivors of the crash fight for survival while facing polar bears, mysterious creatures, and island locals. The survivors have flashbacks of their lives before the crash.

In the second season, the feud between the locals and the survivors intensifies. More survivors are discovered while the (more…)

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Fans sat on the edge of their seats when the final episode of Lost aired on May 10, 2010. Each dedicated viewer watched anxiously in anticipation of answers to the lingering questions brought forth over six years of episodes. Some of these questions focused on individuals portrayed on what became a cult favorite. Other queries had a broader base, which had been looming from the very beginning of the first season. In the end, many unanswered questions remained mysteries for pondering (more…)

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The plot twists and unexpected surprises that the writing team behind the LOST television series were able to provide thrilled audiences through the shows run, and resulted in one of the most popular shows to have been created in recent years. Fans of the show were kept guessing, right up to the end, but superior writing that was able to ensure viewers were able to tune in for new surprises each week. Those that missed the chance to enjoy the (more…)

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Lost Actors: What Are They Doing Now
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The LOST actors have made quite the name for themselves. Ever since the show ended most of them have been finding steady work. The recognition that the stars were even on LOST is enough to pique everyone’s interest. It helps that some of those shows have a LOST connection (producer, writer, etc.).

There are some stars that are part of the main cast of a television show…
Michael Emerson (Person of Interest)
Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five O)
Ian Somerhalder (Vampire (more…)

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